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Persephone Women's Morris - first performed in 1978, dancing in the North West style.

Many of our dances originate from the following of rushcarts, the annual event of bringing new rushes for the church floor, in a ceremonial procession.

This processional style further developed once the streets of the industrial towns of the North of England became paved.

am dancing at whitby
whitby 2005
littleborough 2012

There is a long tradition of clog stepping in the North of England which needed a hard floor. With the paving of the streets, clog stepping quickly became inseperable from the Processional Morris of the North West, the large bands making it possible for the music to be heard over the sound of the clogs.

Women dancers have always been a part of this type of dance, and today women's, men's and mixed teams can be seen.

We are continuing this tradition into the 21st century by performing both locally and across the country.