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So courtesy of Danielle we were able to Zoom on a few occasions, noteably a virtual "Whitby cocktail party".

This below was on in November with only some of the team being available.


Looking forward to next year ! !

Soooo for 2021

Slubbing Billys Holmfirth Day of Dance

Was held on 23 September this year. As there wasn’t a weekend of dance Billys decided to have a day of dance instead.
There were 2 dance spots, outside The Old Bridge Hotel and on Hollowgate, - with the option of the church yard if wished.

Persephone danced mostly at The Old Bridge Hotel, with one spot after lunch, on Hollowgate.
We had a full 8 for this event which was good.
Rhubarb Tarts, Hathor Belly Dancers, Feet First, 200 Roses, Fiddle and Feet, Milltown Cloggies, Saddleworth Morris Men, Sheffield City Morris and Yorkshire Chandelier

Billys danced Celebration with as many other dancers joining in to finish the day…… (or so they thought!)
It was Rhubarb Tarts last dance-out and the day actually finished with them dancing outside The Old Bridge Hotel, being joined by lots of other dancers, from different teams.

It was very good day, well organised and so nice to be out dancing again.
There were so many happy smiling faces and greetings between people who had had not been allowed to meet for such a long time.
Well done Billys!

Bromyard 9 -12 September 2021

Starting on the Thursday Bromyard FF went ahead this year with a stripped down event. This time we were able to take up our standing invite. It was a smaller “do” to allow for social distancing with fewer teams and artists. All the marquees were open sided with events in them all weekend.
We arrived on the Thursday and set up camp, reminding ourselves how to first!

On Friday we walked into town from the site, hoping that we could all remember the dances and last out the day due to the short time we had been able to practice. We were low on numbers, due to the current conditions, mostly dancing for 6 and with a smaller repertoire.


Dancing as usual was mostly around the town but with some on the boards the site. Our first spot was at the Conquest Theatre with Old Meg and First Sedgley.
The local Alzheimers club were meeting there and we were invited to do a dance inside. The dancing place was quite small but we managed and it went down very well……was much appreciated. The manager was very lively, interactive and made us feel very welcome (Luckily we managed not to be kept in!).
We then went back into town and danced in the Market Square with Ledbury, First Sedgley then at the Rose and Lion with Bow Brook, Jockey, First Sedgley and finished the day at the The Kings Arms with Moulton, White Hart.

We walked back to the site (slower than we had walked in) and we were all very glad to get back and take off our clogs! It had been a long time since we had last danced out in them.
Time then for showers tea, watching artists and relaxing/socialising.

On the Sunday we again walked into town to dance - firstly at theThe Kings Arms with Earlsdon, Shakespeare and Bow Brook, Then at the Rose and Lion, with Earlsdon and Faithful City, finishing the town dancing at the The Queens Arms with Jockey and Faithful City, with a final couple of dances on the boards at the site along with with Earlsdon Morris Men and After Dinner Clog.

It was so good to be back dancing again with other teams and to see people we hadn’t seen for some time.
Altogether a good weekend and thank you to Bromyard.