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Todmorden Folk Festival, 29th April 2023

Our first dance out this year was at Todmorden Folk Festival in the far reaches of West Yorkshire where we have been several times before. It was a lovely warm and sunny day as we danced in different spots around town with lots of old friends in other teams. There were many different activities taking place over the weekend, and plenty of people around.


Richmond on Swale, 30th April 2023
A day of dance in Richmond on Swale, North Yorkshire began outside the magnificent ruins of the town's ancient castle as guests of Richmond on Swale Morris Men. In complete contrast to the previous day in Todmorden, the weather was dull, damp and then progressively damper and wetter as the morning progressed, leading to a temporary abandonment of dancing over lunch time. However, it was a good day out with a mix of other teams, some of whom we rarely meet.


Knaresborough, 13th May 2023
Another day, another ancient castle in Knaresborough near Harrogate, as guests of Betty Lupton's Ladle Laikers with several other local teams. Another turn in the weather, for the better again, in this charming little town, dancing by the castle, in town, and by the Henshaw's craft centre. Another good day out with old friends.


Savile Arms, Hunsworth, 11th 2023
For a change we decided to use our practice night to dance outside our local pub, the Savile Arms on Hunsworth Lane, just up the road from our practice hall. This was a lovely social evening with family and friends, in the warmth of the evening sun as it began to set over the West Yorkshire hills around us.