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New Year Ceilidh 2017
Kicking off the New Year in style again we held our annual ceilidh. Barry Evans took us through a selection of interesting dances whilst Mally and friends provided the excellent music once again.

The hall was filled with just the right number of dancers, including some from various local dance sides, together with other friends and family members. There were plenty of rests between dances leaving time to chat to people; as one remarked – a very friendly evening. Thanks to all those who came either to play or dance.

Oxford Folk Festival, April 2017
Our first dance out this season was at Oxford Folk Festival, quite a distance away from home. By all accounts we were luckier than those who went last year and encountered snow, as we had two lovely sunny days, albeit a little chilly in the shade.

Our first spot was outside the Ashmolean Museum and turned out to be the opening event with a group singing before the dancing began. Over the weekend we also danced in George Street, outside the Pitt Rivers Natural History Museum (a lovely Victorian glass roofed building) and at Gloucester Green, a large enclosed square near the bus station. Many of the sides were from the surrounding areas and we seemed to be the most northerly side in town.
A great start to the season, and many thanks to the organisers for inviting us once more after a gap of a few years.

Todmorden Folk Festival, April 2017
This week saw a return to this fairly local festival after a couple of years. We had met most of the sides before, although Bollin Morris from Lancashire were new to us. There was a good mix of styles – North West, Cotswold, Border, Clog, Rapper, Belly dance and the famous Britannia Coconut dancers.

We danced at three different spots around this little town, and completed the day with everyone performing a display dance at the picturesque Fielden Wharf. Thanks to Esther and her team for a good day out and a lovely little festival.

Holmfirth Festival of Folk, May 2017
Another return visit after some years to Holmfirth, the “Last of the Summer Wine” town. We danced alongside many old friends, many of them local (White Rose, Buttercross Belles and Briggate), but others from the likes of the Far Fens (Pig Dyke Molly) and other far flung places (Sergeant Musgaves and Poacher Morris and even Rivington from Lancashire!).

It was somewhat chillier than the last two weeks, but we danced all day long, ending with a procession and a display dance in the small park up the hillside.
Many thanks to Slubbing Billys for organising the dancing and inviting us.

The Lock In Remixed, Wakefield, May 2017

The Demon Barbers are on tour again with their exciting, exhausting, exhilarating show, this time at the Theatre Royal in Wakefield. Together with Wakefield Morris and White Rose Morris we took to the stage for the pre-show display. The stage was slightly sloping and not terribly big so dancing was fairly challenging, but the audience seemed to enjoy it!



Thanks to all those who managed to work out Wakefield’s interesting road layout and eventually find somewhere to park, to those who had to navigate West Yorkshire in the rush hour coming from work and to Danielle the drummer on her first performance!