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Twelth Night ceilidh, January 2019

A good start ti the New Year with our annual ceilidh at Coley, near Halifax. Barry Evans once again led us through some interesting dances, accompanied ably by Mally, Becky and Paul with some excellent tunes.
It's always a great sociable eveningwith people returning year after year, many of them old friends. Of course, noWest Yorkshire ceilidh would be complete without Webbo's parkin and sticky stuff, and so it was !
Thanks to all those who came and helped, danced, played or just chatted !

Rhubarb Festival, Wakefield, February 2019

We arrived in Wakefield on a beautiful warm sunny day this year – probably about 10 degrees warmer than last year. Wooden huts lined the pedestrian area selling all sorts of rhubarb related food and drink. The crowds were out in force which made dancing a little tricky at times.

Wakefield Morris had organised the dancing this year and the three spots, The Bull Ring, outside Costa and outside Boots Opticians were all in the shadow of the beautiful Cathedral and close together. We were relieved that the church bells were silent this year! At each spot there was a different mix of teams which was great. We were joined by Boggarts Breakfast, Buttercross Belles, Flagcrackers, Leeding Edge, Leeds Morris, Pateley Longsword and of course Wakefield during the day. A massed dance spot completed the afternoon in the centre, followed by another one at The Hop.
The final get together was at the Polka Hop where delicious cakes, coffee and other drinks were served; some people danced and some played tunes to finish off a thoroughly enjoyable day

JMO day of Dance Manchester 30th March
Quite a few of Persephone came by train and tram - which was unusual. We met at the Bridgewater Hall along with what would have been hundreds of other morris people and then dispersed to the allocated dance spots scattered around central Manchester.

Rosie was in charge and did a good job - deciding which dances we were doing when she saw the size and condition of the dance area. Since there were only nine of us dancing there was only one dance out but it seemed to work out equably.


Rob took some photographs but didn’t manage to see the Altrincham tram while we were doing the dance!
Most of the dance spots had very little audience but even so we danced well. Mostly it was with teams we hadn’t danced with before - Saddleworth being the exception at the last spot of the day.
We went back to the Bridgewater Hall to see the 3 teams dance the finale and say good-by to anyone we knew (some of them seen for the first time that day!)
Then back home by car or tram and train.

Todmorden Folk Festival, May 4th
A return to this friendly festival, now in its 5th year. Many of the sides we met were fiarly local, but it also attracts some from further away - this time newbies Black Gate from Newcastle and, in the other direction, Chiltern Hundreds from Watford.

The calendar said it was May, but it felt more like January, with one our musicians driving through a blizzard on his way over from Bridlington. However it kept dry, the sun made a weak attempt at appearing briefly, and the dancing was brisk.

We danced alongside several different sides including Chilton Hundreds, 400 Roses, White Rose, Black Gate, Hill Millies and the Britannia Coconut Dancers.

Thanks to the organisers for another good day out.